Healthy/Handy/Happy Stuff

Adding more of these to your “life diet” may be beneficial to your health, with close to zero negative side effects. However, always consult with you health care provider with any concerns.

  • Get out side – Wherever you live, you can find some aspect of nature to connect to. Simply taking a walk out of doors with the sky overhead will lift more than your spirit.
  • Move – Walking as above, or dancing one song away from your desk, it all adds up.
  • Create – Cook, garden, paint, sing/dance, make something new out of existing pieces!
  • Read more – If you do, and obviously you do, and you concentrate on one genre, switch.
  • Connect – with family, friends, strangers, animals. These may all be one in the same, alas.
  • Dream/Plan/Act Duh, right? – But most of us do the first one, many less do the second and so very few do the third that, we often end up going around in circles.
  • Never Give Up – refer to above, tweak, re-tweak, rewind, re-whatever, but en-devour to persevere!
  • Seek out a mentor – when the pipes in your home are plugged,  when we aren’t healing well,  we elicit help and/or learn more. What are your resources? Use them and/or find new ones!
  • Smile –   do you need a reason? Smiling makes you instantly feel better, IS infectious, and everyone will want to know what’s up with you…
  • Add more of your ideas below!