August, Adding Gusto to your Life!




This morning I was reading a wonderful post by Hester Wilkinson Mishkin of Center Point Martial Arts School, Falmouth, Maine, entitled “Drill down on your gratitude”. (Check FB)  Her thoughts of specific gratitude offered me a moment of reflection. I responded to her that indeed, being more specific helps us pause longer and feel more deeply the reasons we are feeling well and helps project and manifest more of the type of energy we are feeling, as a ripple in the pond of us all.

Identifying specifically what we are thankful for is a wonderful way to add Gusto to our lives. As is spending time in nature, with friends and family and receiving a therapeutic Massage! Yes, a shameless plug for the benefits of massage.

So today let’s all attempt to be more specific about what we are grateful for.

I am very grateful, for all the wonderful souls that cross over The Healing Bridge and honor me with their trust.

Let me know if together, we can add more gratitude to our lives.

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