About the owner

Bonny is  an married mother, grandmother , medical assistant,  licenced Massage Therapist (LMT), healing arts practitioner and owner of The Healing Bridge.
“I have spent the past 23yrs learning and practicing western health care, holistic modalities, martial arts, including Tai-Chi/Chi Gong , among many other disciplines, in a personal attempt to “Bridge” holistic and mainstream health care.
Along the way I’ve earned a CNA (certified nurses assistant cert.), Medical Assistant Degree, and studies in both registered nursing and mental health fields. I’ve worked in hospitals, rehab centers, General Practice offices, specialty Doctors offices, a woman’s holistic practice and an integrated health practice, as well as my own healing arts practice since 2004.”
“Since the Summer of 2013”, she continues…
” I’ve come down from the mountain” physically and  metaphorically, after living completely OFF THE GRID for approximately ten years.
       I have been on sabbatical to see where the universe may guide me going forward.
Part of my spiritual reawakening has taken place in the south-west,with my new life partner(now loving husband) Lane for who, words alone are not sufficient.
My spirit has been longing to experience the Southwest, Arizona and as much of the treasures in that part of our world as resources allow. Then again, we set the limitations , the options and universe are limitless.
I find myself very humbled and blessed that I have been able to visit such places as Sedona, the south rim of The Grand Canyon, Red Woods of California and many other awe-inspiring majestic wonders of this country.
 My spirit has been renewed, enhanced and guided to point my feet toward the next leg of my (now our)journey.”
Since 2015 during a search for investment  properties, Lane and I stumbled across
61 Fessenden Hill Road in Denmark, Maine and although it didn’t fit our model of real estate that we were looking for, it haunted us for months. We were both drawn back to the listing over and over…
It offered so many possibilities and we could truly see many of our life long dreams coming true there.
Presently it is the Newest home of “The Healing Bridge” and we are positive the universe has more in store for us to share there in the near future.
Stay tuned!
FromLaneGCandSedona 1853
At the bottom of this site you’ll see Blog posts.
Here I hope to share musings of my journey as a healing arts practitioner, Baby Boomer and human being with warts and all.
And to perhaps pass on any snippets of information I have found that may be insightful and/or beneficial to you on your chosen journey.