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“I embraced this concept back in 2000 when considering a name for my healing  arts practice.”

Bonny Clark Greenleaf-LMT, MA /Owner

“…For me it speaks of bridging western main- stream healthcare concepts with holistic Asian and indigenous healing modalities, as well as bridging mind,body and spirit.”

Located in Denmark Maine at The Fessenden Hill Homestead, on over 96 acres of rolling hills,  forested hiking trails and mountain vistas, The Healing Bridge hopes to provide a place to foster connections with nature, each other and within the mind, body and spirit.

“This newest home of “The Bridge” is within the historic homestead in Denmark, Maine built just after the Revolutionary War. My husband Lane and I are honored to be the current owners/caretakers of this amazing place. We are currently expanding the kitchen, opening up, fluffing and buffing even more spaces for family, visitors and future guests. Plans in the near future include: hiking, cross-country ski trails, event and performance venues, guest accommodations and much more! There are occasional opportunities for part-time work.

 We very much enjoy sharing this experience with those who love Maine and it’s historic architectural treasures. Follow our progress here and in the future 61 Fessenden Hill will have its own FB page and/or website. In the meantime please excuse our appearance while these upgrades are in progress, we welcome and thank you for your present and future interest.”

Bonny Clark LMT,MA, Owner of The Healing Bridge



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