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Baby it’s cold out there…

It truly is getting a bit chilly out in our beautiful state of Maine!

Let’s add to the state of relaxation…

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With the “unofficial end of Summer” here, I’d like to thank all who have discovered or followed
“The Bridge” to Denmark, Me!

Lane and I are continuing to work on interior and exterior transformations toward our goal of offering a:
Healing Arts
Proforming and Visual Arts Space
Event Venue
Nature trails
Guest Accommodations and more!

I’ll be posting updates occasionally here.

We’d like to thank our extendend community for the welcoming support we have received along with the shared excitement in our vision ar
61 Fessenden Hill Rd, Denmark, Me.
(Only 12mins from Hannaford in Bridgton, only feels further away.)

During our tranformation, I welcome you to visit for a therapeutic session with me at
The Healing Bridge, located within the homestead’s private fireplace room.

If you haven’t been to the new location yet or you’re an a returning client, I’d like to thank you so….

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This weekend I was reminded once again of the old ditty…



Q – “How do you eat an elephant?
A – “One bite at a time.”

Now before the comments come stampeding in….

I turely love and admire elepants, I even bought a Elephant scarf recently (at Firefly Boutique in Bridgton, Maine a must shop in The Lakes Region).
Elephants are truely one of the most amazing creatures on this plant.

Yet, when faced with “much to do” (I’d go one step further…”about nothing” but not now)
as with any other teaching we get to experience it over and over.
Some say, until we get it right.
Yet I feel it is how we, as the jourymen/women evolve and how much joy we are able to see and feel in each “elephant” we encounter that can give us impetus to percevere, that is “the thing”.

“The Play Is The Thing.” (Shakespeare)

So, if like me and most, there’s an elepant in your Play lately:

#1 Keep nibbling and chew well one bite at a time or we may choke.
And find peace and joy in the knowledge that , most liekely it isn’t the whole herd at once.

#2 Whithin the spaces between the chews (of the metaphorical elephant, it is Bad to eat elephants) there are often glimers of clairity into bliss. And by imparting that bliss into
the meal, the dinner theater, it will no doubt taste a little sweeter and go down a bit easier.

So the next time you see and elephant (real or metaphorical) in your day….

Smile, and savor one bite at a time.

And if your “Elephant or any other metaphorical animal is weighing heavy on your Body, mind or spirit…
Cross over “The Healing Bridge” for a therapeutic massage/ energy work session.

Settling in within a new rythm.

A new tune for a new time.

A new path on the same journey.  Continuing the newness of each day.



Often we are comforted by the known, the usual, the familiar. I consider myself fortunate to have been taught by many teachers from many sources that rituals, traditions and the comfort we find within them is important. Yet, it is in the unknown we challenge ourself and our concepts of what our life may be. I feel each time I say “yes” to an unknown (if it at least has some attraction, and makes a shred of sense) I will chance to learn something of the world, life and my journey.

images (12)All paths contribute to the tree of life.

If one path turns out not to foster you best self…

Make a new decision.

Fine turning as we go, editing and yet never giving up on our “Big picture visions” have been valuable mottos to me, as I “settle into a new rhythm in the big vision.” on Fessenden Hill.







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Life can be…

FB_IMG_1456921308398Life can be…

Lately I haven’t “plopped” up a post as life has been evolving and I’ve been graced with challenges and amazement alike. This being the case with a universe composed of Yin AND Yang.

So, today I came across this post to the LEFT  on social media and it struck a chord in a song I occasionally played in the past. And here I am.

A bullet list of stuff I think I have learned:

  • First I feel we need to create that space for ourself , then it will exist.
  • Find it within you and your connection within nature.
  • Grow it! It takes work, effort and commitment. But if nurtured, it will be visible thus, attractive to others of like kind.
  • And above all Never give up on the belief that it exists!
  • P.S.- Empting first creates room for fulfillment.


What’s the problem with Peace?


  The “problem” with peace is, it doesn’t pay. Or does it?

Many would argue that war and violence keeps economies, governments, power and oppression going strong.

And perhaps this is true. Then what are we to do?

Go to the source, the basics. Deconstruct the need, change what fuels economies, governments and the definition of power.images (7)

Similarly, we do have the power to inject more peace into our lives.  By consuming more of what adds peace to your life, these actions become the proverbial pebbles in the pond of your family, your town and your world.

Letting go of what cannot serve your higher self, your place of peace, a place of beginning that you may chose to return to each day is a conscious act of peace.

A wonderful choice to assist in the letting go, and choosing peace is to experience a professional therapeutic massage.


1 hr massage reg $65~

Now only $50~ !


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images (6)       cropped-cropped-cropped-j0399806-e1427240089791.jpg


Givinig Thanks…


Abundance has many definitions.

Similarly, we all have different reasons to give thanks and different ways of expressing that.

I believe it is in the expressing of the gratitude that the magic happens, especially if it is not fully evident that we have an abundance to give thanks for. However, it is that act of assessment of ones life no matter where it is at, to find yet one thing, experience, moment or person with which to ascribe a joyous feeling. The culmination of which resonates in the expression of …



Five orange pumpkins sit in a row in front of a distressed, wooden background.

As I continue to give thanks for the countless blessings in  my life I wish to welcome you to 

The New Home of

The Healing Bridge

at 61 Fessenden Hill Rd, Denmark, Maine 04022

207-647-3553     ~

The Joy of Sharing!


The Healing Bridge


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As our dream begins to unfurl at Fessenden Hill,

The Healing Bridge “goes up” with

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Be there…at the begining!


Keeping in Touch


As the seasons change…..

and we a distracted with the beauty of late Summer, back to school and harvest time, remember to keep in touch with dear friends and loved ones and your inner self.



If this applies to you please e-mail : or call or text 207-647-3553. I will have limited evenings and weekends for these folks.

Again I thank you all for your support and understanding as life changes grace us all. And remember to…



Flowing with the Roll…

A Bend In The Bridge…

I wish to thank all those for their continuing interest in “The Healing Bridge” and its new location at “The Waters’ Edge” in Naples.

After being graced with many recent life changes, I have decided to accept an offer of employment at “Integr8 Health” in Falmouth, Maine as an M.A.

 I will not have availability at “The Bridge” for the forseeable future.

I wish to Thank all of you for your continued interest in the work at The Bridge since 2004! You have graced me with many gifts and insights.

Here, I look forward to continuing to share , interact and explore together the endless options the universe has to offer.

You are invited as always to leave comments below, or on The Healing Bridge (Naples, Maine) Face Book Page (this maybe the better option)

May peace and clarity show you your way.

Bonny  L. Clark LMT, MA

How Far Do We Have To Go?

How far do others have to go to see your heart and why?





Our fantastic voyage to Pluto has already shown us much.

Small things…

  • Perhaps we underestimate the effects of something relatively small, or that was expected to only do so much.
  • Reminded us of the value of perseverance.
  • That search and discovery are priceless.

An enormous amount of work, money and effort has been spent on a valiant mission, a wonderous journey and we can only imagine what cosmic revelations may come from these efforts.

Many have also “seen Pluto’s’ heart”.

Some of us keep our hearts difficult to discover, at best. And often wonder why our lives haven’t shown us what we had hoped.

Never underestimate what our smallest heart centered actions may achieve over time our in an instant.

It may not be beneficial to growth to fail to employe one of our strongest and most important tools for discovery due to fear of “what may happen”.

We may wish to choose to allow our hearts to be discoverable for advancing our knowledge of self and the kind we call human.


Time to pause?


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “pause” as:



: a temporary stop : a period of time in which something is stopped before it is started again

: a control that you use when you want to stop a recorded song, movie, etc., for a short time

music : the sign that is placed over or under a musical note, rest, etc., to show that it should be held longer than usual


Life can seem same- ol- same- ol at times.


Yet,  of course it is always changing. Currents of life, changes on the nano or macro level go on with or without us. We may be as little ants most of our daily lives, overly concerned with the “got-to dos” and wonder when we give ourselves a moment, “…what am I doing this all for and what is my purpose?”

I find in Pausing we  give ourselves not only the time and space to absorb changes that come to us that our every day schedule keeps putting off until there is time, also we make time for the universe to show us ways and give us directions that often seem enlightening and transformation. Because they are.

  • So hold a peaceful moment one second… and then another longer.
  • Paddle further
  • walk longer
  • cry
  • laugh
  • meditate
  • spend time with loved ones

The space between can show you many things and it Is the stuff of life!

Pausing…try it on today.

Take Two! Or three or four…

What do we cross bridges for?

To get to the other side of course! 
But what if the bridge ends in a pile up of debris, a sink hole or a terrible monster?
Do we stop crossing bridges?
Do we stop hoping that this path to a better vista will be a wonderful opportunity that truly aligns with our visions?

If we do, and the fear of failure paralyzes us, there we will be.
Stuck in the holding pattern of "well I guess this is good enough". 
Good enough? 
First of all, we all have the spark of pure perfect spirit and divine energy within us. Some circumstances, we may not have chosen in this life, yet the choices we make surrounding these circumstances may or may not bridge us to a greater understanding of what our life may truly become.
Dr Wayne W. Dyer and others have illustrated the essence of the perspective of life choices by noting :

"In each circumstance there are two choices fear or love."

When focusing on fear of what has happened before when we take risks to improve our life stories, we clutter the spaces in between, were the magic happens with negative projections.
The law of attraction is at play.
So, learning may happen when things turn out less than ideal, good right?  
Just never stop crossing over the bridge to the unknown due to fear. Of course weigh out the positive and negative as much as possible before broaching the bridge, then go for it!
Trust in your love of life and the love that the universe is constantly offering to surround you with.

It may be "take two or three or four" in the movie of a certain area of your life, but there is no such thing as "good enough in the universe". 
Nature is not self limiting only we humans in focusing on "what if" and fears are limiting our own options of happiness and bliss.
So cross the bridge if it seems sturdy, take a risk and come from  the love of learning and not the fear of failure.

What do you have to lose, 
but a little fear?

Percevirence! One more time…



This photo was taken on a recent visit, albeit too short, with my daughter and grandson while driving home from Arizona.
One moment goes pretty much like this:
1) Grama uses the word "persevere" in a sentence with her grandson.
2) Grama defines for grandson. Grandson thinks that word is pretty cool.
3) Grama uses new word for the third time.
4) Grandson says, "Ya know Grama, when I learn a new word I don't usualy like to use it too many times in one day."
5) Grama trys not to bust a gut.
6) Grama acquiesced.

Flash forward to yesterday…

While working with a client/friend she shares a scenario in her present life that she strongly desires a certain out come to.

It just so happens, on the same day I am experiencing a very similar scenario that I wish to have a similar outcome to. I was not going to bring mine up in session, however, when they seemed so very parallel there seemed a chance for enlightenment.  My thoughts quickly changed from “oh don’t worry if it doesn’t happen another good thing will, ala: door closes, window opens, to dang that’s what’s going on in my life and I wish the same and I would be disappointed if it doesn’t come to fruition!”

So, the talk changed to manifesting our desired outcomes.

images (12)

We were reminded :

  • how when two or more people combine energies the energy gets stronger.
  • when we visualize strongly in detail something it helps it happen
  • when we wish for others a good outcome it reciprocates and spreads as if a pebble was dropped in a pond.

Later in the day I thought perhaps sharing this interaction may help someone else. So I proceeded to write a post similar to this about the occurence.

I totally lost all the work. Not saved as draft, nothing, nowhere, nada! Crap!

I was then reminded of the experience with my grandson…


Persevere, maybe not too many times in one day, maybe just as much as it takes.

Happy June everyone!

Do something great for yourself…

Therapeutic Massage, try it you’ll feel like You again!

If you’re in the Greater Lakes Region of Maine (Bridgton, Naples, Denmark, Raymond etc…) call/text or e-mail for an appointment at…

The Healing Bridge at the Waters’Edge~Naples Maine

See the page “Session Fees and Savings Packages” above.

See you soon, at The Healing Bridge!


What can you do today?

More important: What WILL you do today?

More times in my life than I may recall, I’ve experienced limiting circumstances that slowed my roll or stopped me in my tracks. I’ve omitted the phrase “dead in my tracks” here, as obviously that was not the case. My point being, through hardships of, dare I say any type, there is always something you CAN do if you have a pulse.

There are choices that may improve only the moment, an hour, day or life(s).

I have learned the most profound lessons and most likely will get the opportunity to experience an even deeper learning of each, during a new or continued limitation.

If I could not walk, I could meditate, read, plan what I wished to do when I could again walk.

download (1)

images (9)

If I could not use both my hands it was a hoot to learn what I could do with one.

If through physical restrictions I could not do exhaustive work, I could not figure a way to improve my life circumstance immediately, perhaps I could walk and that would help.

images (11)

It most always did.

We may not be given restrictions, however I feel we are given opportunities, chances and choices,  even while apparent constrictions and restrictions are heavy in our lives.

What we can and will do in those moments may provide the most self gratifying, enlightening growth periods of our lives! These moments stored in or cellular memory will be drawn on again and again.

And as if muscles, these skills will strengthen, strengthening you and most often, provide chances to help others.

images (10)

At first glance this illustration (on the left) may seem strange and perhaps disturbing. Yet, for me it depicts well, the concept of what you will do when faced with challenges will fan out to affect other areas of you life and others.

What will you do today to help change your life, even for a moment?


Time to get off line!


images (5)

Honor those who have given their life by gaining back more time for yours!

Great tools may be found on line, yet how much more time would we have to implement fresh new life changes such as:

  • Getting out in nature, even for a 15 min walk
  • gardening
  • visiting with friends and family (in person)
  • editing life clutter: in home, job/carrer or personal habits such as spening too much time on line.

Enough said.

Make this pre-holiday day all about you honoring the fallen by getting off-line and savor the extra time you’ve just given yourself.

Another way to get more of yourself back…

A One Hour or more Therapeutic Massage!

Save $10 if booked before the end of May! Also see New lower prices for Health maintenance Savings Packages at                                                                                    Session Fees and Savings Packages Page!

Get your self back at The Healing Bridge now at New local the Waters’ Edge in Naples, Maine!

The “Courage Board”… Do you have the Courage?

Nancy Valors’ courage wall is a most helpful tool!

We’ve been taking a look at tools to discover life areas that we self identify as places of interest and potential for growth.

The “Courage wall” is another great tool that is worth sharing. The exercise is simple in construct, yet powerful when executed. I think the public venue aspect adds a another level to the exercise but not totally necessary. Social media may be utilized, after much consideration, or not.



And here lies the value, I feel, a spontaneous answer, as in free association ramps up the efficacy, don’t  think about this one.

Action: Pick a venue, private or public.                                                                      Action: Write out this phrase:                                                                                        “I wish I had the courage to______________” and complete it.

Action: Live with it a day. If, after reading your statement it makes you feel good, you may wish to take another step toward completing your statement. Of course, assuming your actions will not cause direct harm to self or others.

Examples from this exercise:

I wish I had the courage to start my own business.

I wish I had the courage to tell my loved one I feel sad when they talk about me behind my back.

I wish I had the courage to go back to school.

So, seize the day and the moment, be honest and take a step toward you! And good for you in advance!




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If your home changes do you?

At the end of my first winter spent “away” and upon arrival back in Maine (The Way Life Should Be) I find myself reflecting upon age-old adages, Is home where you hang your hat, home=harth and so on.

Maya Angelou gave us these words…            “I long, as does every human being to be at home wherever I find myself.”                                                                                           She also noted, “You can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so its alright.”  To yearn for the way things were or the way we idealisticly remembered them to be is an exercise in futility, so life is always on the move always changing. We are wise to create new memories while never forgetting those we hold dear, and ultimately add finesse to the new.    Home will change, we should change, growth is change. Making changes within and without will assist you in feeling more at home wherever you find yourself, as Maya reminds us.FromLaneGCandSedona 1866 One of the easiest ways to feel more like you is to receive a quality therapeutic massage.  At The Healing Bridge, I bring experience of multiple health care disciplines,varied holistic trainings and twelve years of massage and energy work to your session. Soon to offer Life coaching/guide sessions.

Book any session in May at “The Healing Bridge @ The Waters Edge in Naples” and receive $10 off if you mention seeing it here. Check out the various info on pages found @ 207-647-355FromLaneGCandSedona 139               

  As always your thoughts, comments and insights are welcomed.

May we all endeavor to be at home where ever we are, yet in returning to places of heart filled memories never forgotten, be inspired to create the new.

Bonny Clark, MA, LMT/Owner The Healing Bridge

To Roll Smoothly- Balance your wheel of Life

Browsing the web we can find many useful life choice tools as well as bull crap.

Many, including myself, have found helpful life enhancing exercises which include visual aids such as:

  • contrast list making, comprised typically of a sheet of paper divided down the middle vertically and composed of positive vs negative : traits, situations, If-then lists, have-need lists, one choice-vs-a different choice and so on. Many of us were exposed to these by high school and are a great go to decision helper.



  • graphing
  • charting

or any visual representation of the components that make up our life for self-evaluation. Perhaps by reflecting on an area that is less developed ie: flat, we may feel more balanced as a whole, less a wobbly  wheel and thus our personal wheel of life may roll more smoothly and a more stable vehicle for the ride of life.

images (1)

– VS-

images (4)


With these and other tools we may pause and deliberately create the space for our “ah-ha” moments. Our daily stationary exercise bikes of life ( or trend mills ) may cut such a groove within our beliefs of self and what the scenery of our ride looks like that we need to push the pause buttom. To reflect is an action.  For so many of us we need to schedule many of our actions.

Add to personal calendar 2-3hrs to:

Find a visual life assessment tool, or make your own by rating the following areas of your life :

  • Relationships
  • Financial
  • Health
  • Spirituality
  • Career

You may tweak these categories to fit you.

  1. Give them a rating of 1-10 , 1 being is not where I’d like it to be, kinda sucky and 10 really solid in my life/ I’ve got this down.
  2. Draw a circle on paper divide it evenly to accommodate as many categories as you have chosen.
  3. Starting at the center shade in each pie piece corresponding to the rating you’ve assigned it. (10-filled in completely, 5- half of the section shaded in and 1- just a bit near the center.
  4. When finished shading in of all sections, outline the new exterior perimeter. Hint: it won’t be perfectly round anymore unless you’re perfectly happy with all aspects of your life and if so that’s wonderful. However, as they say, “there’s always room for improvement”. No?

If you, like me are left with a flat tire that needs to be pumped up it maybe beneficial to start by pumping up the lowest areas first.  Pick just one at a time. Of course pointing to them on your graph will not improve your ride. Action steps will need to be taken to pump them up.

In the next installment: Ideas on locating the nozzle of your chosen section of life and pulling the plunger up to initiate inflation. (Ok, old school manual bicycle pump, and yes, metaphor heavy. But it has worked for many.)

P.S.- Remember to plug it into your schedule!

And above all have fun with it!

As always, your comments are welcomed.


Do Not read this,If you are not a Baby Boomer!

April2015 204

 How many times have you seen something like this posted on FaceBook or the like lately?

I submit that perhaps there is more than one reason (typically the case for most things) that we’re seeing these at a greater rate recently:

1 – Yes,  the big S.M. (social media) we have scads of people composing similar quips such as the one above each and every day. We “like” them, re-post them and say to our selves, …”that’s really good” or “true dat!”……..                                                                                                                    Then, on to the next one. Haven’t we all done this, from time to time? Except the voyeurs, who are just there  to read what others are saying or doing, hoping we’ll all forget they’re there….                                                            Anyway, in and of it self, these are not bad things at least the good ones aren’t. I’ve used some myself in blogs etc…to drive home a point. And I’ll do it again, here.



2 – We have been experiencing a world-wide wake up call since the 1960’s.  a

Accelerated by #1 above, most defiantly. In te sixties we were experiencing  The Dawn of the Age of Aquarius, ,                                          now we are in it.

#3 – Here’s the Baby Boomer bit. One reason, I feel  many of these posters are being shared is because there are so many baby boomers who are just waking up to the fact that their life is not a dress rehearsal, unless they are still sleeping, and that’s ok.                       Oh sure, there’s that one couple or so that seems to have it all going on. Great career, family life, is spiritual , blah blah blah.  Yet, most likely if they are that accomplished, not doubt they’d have areas of their life’s that they would admit were in need of improvement. So yes, it’s the the big wake up! 

AKA mid ife crisis?                          

  1. Crisis
  2. A crisis is any event that is, or is expected to lead to, an unstable and dangerous situation affecting an individual, group, community, or whole society. Wikipedia
    When is waking up and realizing you still have options in your life a Crisis?
    There may be one if we do not!
    So to recap, we have tools such as the internet giving us reminders as well as classes on almost anything, great cosmic timing and many (baby boomers and more) going through the waking up together, aka peer support, so…


                 ” Someday someone told you, you can not be or do this or that, someday life happened in the meantime, someday you wanted to still be, do, have…Waking up is very important, for to take action it is wise to be present.”……….bc

Next blog we’ll take a look at some action steps that are handy to identify what your “Someday” looks like. What you wish to change in your life and how YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

P.S.- So happy you read this if you’re not a Baby Boomer as it is never too early or late to realize we write our own stories each and every day.

Thank you for your time.


It’s Spring… Ready to get Sprung?

Who couldn’t use alittle more Spring in their step, gettyup, getalong? You get the idea…


(acording to Wikipedia…)

“Spring is one of the four conventional temperate seasons, following winter and precedingsummer. There are various technical definitions of spring, but local usage of the term varies according to local climate, cultures and customs. When it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. At the spring equinoxdays are approximately 12 hours long with day length increasing as the season progresses.

Spring and “springtime” refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth…    ”   





Steps to getting Sprung:

  1. Better to focus on what you’d like to Spring Toward, rather than what you’d like to be Sprung from.                                                                WHY: First see ; in addition it’s just is a heck of alot more economical all the way around.
  2. Now let’s asume you have your focus, Don’t keep it to yourself! Speak It! See it! Smell It!  You get the idea.
  3. One tried and true method is to make a “Vison Board”. Do it on Pinterest, or old school it, with cuttings from actual magazines pasted (yes with real paste) onto poster board. Place it near your bed so that you will see it morning and night.
  4. My sister uses FaceBook to “put it out there”, sharing goals and intentions…as she says “it’s a great way to be held accountable”. And obtain support, ideas etc from your circle of “friends”.
  5. DO NOT beat yourself up when the focus becomes cloudy, ie: ya screw up! As one of my teachers in the Dojo, I was a member of, once said and as I have passed on to many of my clients;                        “Most of us get, that the negative stuff is accumulative, but what about the possitive, it also adds up!” This is great news! Soooo, maybe your ablum has an abundance of out of focus “shots”, just keep taking more, it’s a numbers thing #practice makes perfect #andallthatrot, and besides “film” is free these days, and every moment is free to you to make the change you truely desire!
  6. Key: Be the best you, you can be at each moment while Springing toward your new begining.
  7. And remember, we are all in a collective album, comprised of sub albums and individual files. Each pixel(person) is in varrious degrees of focus.  So, when you become clear on the area of your life you’d like to bring a new and better focus to,  remember to “smile” to all those other pixels you encounter on a daily basis, weather they have Sprung or not.

Not to belabor the mixed metephors futher, surfice it to say:

“Springing toward your New visions, takes Focus.”


Oh, and  remember life changes are not spit out in an instant, they may take some time to develop into the new …

                Spring Pic that is You!



Question: When is Your “Someday”?


Answer: When YOU create it!


“We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.”

Willy Wonka via the Ode by Arther O’Shaughnessy (1844-1881)


Yes, we all have a certain amount of various types of challenges, be they physical, financial etc.

However, as research continues on the value of visualization and in turn manifestation of you visions, it is clear what seems to make the difference is perseverance.

Nothing is impossible,                                                                                 the word itself says                                                                                        “I’m possible”!

-Audrey Hepburn


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And remember…Never Give Up!